NW 106th St Interchange at SR-821 (Miami, FL)

The project built for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise consisted of construction of a new Interchange of the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike (HEFT). This work included construction of a new 4 Lane Concrete Bridge (overall length ñ 205 Feet), Clearing & Grubbing, Excavation, Drainage, Earthwork, Embankment and Stabilization, Limerock Base, Type ‘S’ Asphaltic Concrete, Asphalt Friction Course, Curb & Gutter, Traffic Separators, Shoulder Gutters, Barrier Wall, Sidewalk, Rip-Rap, Guardrail, Fencing, Seeding, Mulching, Signage, Pavement Markings, Roadway Lighting, Sanitary Sewer Systems, Sewage Treatment System, Water Lines, Utility Work, 2 new Toll Plazas, complete with buildings, On and Off Ramps connecting N.W. 106th Street with the HEFT Roadway, and other Incidental Items. 

Owner: FDOT - TPK
Amount: $8,653,860
Completion Date: 3-Sep-96