NW 74th St Interchange at SR-821 (Miami-Dade, FL)

The project, built for the Florida Turnpile Enterprise, consisted of the construction of the NW 74th St Interchange and the Northbound and Southbound express toll lanes at the existing Okeechobee Mainline Toll Plaza on the HEFT (SR821). Work also included construction of the C-D road system to tolls and off ramps, drainage, sound walls, and toll facilities. The express toll lanes utilized the Turnpike’s Signature Gantries which were constructed and erected by Condotte. The contract included the construction of the new NW 74th Street interchange with the HEFT (SR 821), which consisted of four bridges including the 78-in Florida Bulb Tee Concrete Girder bridge over the Turnpike. The unique foundation of the canal bridges incorporated a pre-drilled shaft with precast concrete piles. On site borrow pits were used and remained in place as permitted drainage ponds.


The NW 74th Interchange also included two ramp Tolling Facilities as well as modification and renovation work at the the existing mainline plaza. 

Owner: FDOT - TPK
Amount: $66,027,200
Delivery Method: Bid Build
Completion Date: 11-Jun-10