... Butt Seriously
a show about humor

Jedediah Caesar - Peaked Out and Built, 2001
Urethane and caulk
81" x 60" x 60"
Collection of Craig Robins

Curated by Aja Albertson

August 1 through 31, 2003

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This exhibition has been generously sponsored by Craig Robins, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, Starbucks (Miami Beach), M80 Fashion (Miami), and Bridge House (Miami Beach). Acknowledgements: Hernan Bas, Christine Casamor, Arielle Castillo, Robert Chambers, Tiffany Chestler, Silvia Karman-Cubiñá, Ali Prosch, Alicia Rodriguez, Bert Rodriguez, Louise Romeo, Fred Snitzer, and Natasha Lopez de Victoria.